About Us

THR (Total Health & Rehabilitation) Physical Therapy in Wilmington, DE

At THR we know we are different from any other Physical Therapy facility in the area. Most of the difference comes in the way we treat our patients. We are not a big chain facility, nor are we a physical therapy “mill” that will simply run you through the system and send you on your way. We pride ourselves on not just treating your injury or condition, but treating you as a person. At any given time, 40% of our current patients are either repeat patients or referrals from our former patients of their family and friends. This tells us we must be doing something right. We want you to feel better and reach your goals and there is no reason you shouldn’t have some fun while you’re getting there.

Our staff understands the importance of education and will teach you what caused your condition and how to prevent it from returning. You will receive hands-on, one-on-one care essential for a faster, long lasting recovery. You also learn exercises to restore your strength, mobility and flexibility.

“We thank you for trusting us to help you
return to the pain-free life YOU deserve!”

We are a family, that treats every patient as part of the family. Our highly trained professional staff has over 40 years of combined experience in the physical therapy specialty. With our knowledgeable staff, we have proven our treatments to be effective and long-lasting. We’re not just your physical therapists, think of us as friends you haven’t met yet.

Physical Therapy in Wilmington, DE is not the same everywhere you go. THR (Total Health & Rehabilitation) is not a big chain facility where patients feel like just a number. This clinic is a personalized and intimate practice, smaller is better! We have one physical therapist (PT) and one physical therapist assistant (PTA) in each of our locations. This helps to give our patients consistent care, and stay with the same therapist throughout their healing. Finding a committed physical therapist that will give you the attention and care you deserve is essential to your healing. Don’t gamble your health on physical therapist roulette!

By providing a unique, personalized, caring and professional facility we ensure you to have a positive and memorable experience. Our standards set us apart from other clinics for physical therapy in Wilmington, DE and surrounding areas.