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"Being the head of my department, I had to write reviews on my associates and I was told to never give them a high rating, because everyone needs improvement.. However with THR, I give them a five star rating. I have been to other PT offices, where then stand 2 feet away from you, directing you thru exercises. Here they physically manipulate your limbs, while entertaining you with a joke. I find them compassionate. friendly, knowledgeable and understanding.."
Mar 31, 2019
" I fell head first on concrete floor in 2012. Lots of back pain, got an MRI and the Dr performed a kyphoplasty on my t12. Needed therapy and found THR in the yellow pages (they were close by). Could not sit long, stand long, bend, sleep, pretty much anything. The staff at THR are so friendly and helpful. They really listen. Especially like the one on one for the heat, during your specific exercise, sometimes the stimulators on the back. Highly recommend THR for their expertise and how they all make you feel right at home. In 2017 and 2018, had my t10 and t9 done, again they made me feel like new. Right now, little bursitis in right hip, they are helping with exercise and heat. Kudos to Greg, Jason, Sam, and Cheryl. You are the best."
Mar 24, 2019
"My mom, a senior citizen, experienced a shoulder injury in the winter of 2019. Greg and his staff were extremely caring and nurturing as mom progressed through her treatment. They helped her work through the initial injury and assisted with her follow-up. We couldn't have asked for a more understanding and knowledgeable staff. Mom had a great experience! "
Mar 22, 2019
"My Neurologist referred me to THR for my therapy saying, "I've heard good things about these guys". After completing my therapy, I totally agree with that comment. I found their work was very professional, with a very friendly atmosphere. I was completely satisfied with my therapy and would recommend their service to anyone looking for help with a therapy & rehabilitation experience."
Mar 01, 2019
"I am ever so thankful for everyone at THR/Limestone Rd . In the past years, I had two knee replacements they have helped me through. After surgery, I started out slow,weak,and cain in hand. The hands on therapy provided by Mike, and Sharon was great ! They understood my body, providing therapy to my total legs to get my knees on track. It was also great to have transportation, for I was on pain RX, and not allowed to drive.Everyone was great , receptionist, driver, and therapist ! Thank you THR for getting me back on my feet again !"
Jan 21, 2019
"Total Health and Rehabilitation offers personalized one on one attention. You are always in sight of one of the staff, so you are never left on your own like at some of the large PT groups I have been to. I am getting back to normal more quickly than I expected. I know my doctor will be pleased. Thanks to all the staff."
Dec 14, 2018


Brian B.

Four years ago I had a left knee replacement and came here for rehab. The therapists were so attentive and helpful that when I needed therapy this year after an incident with my replaced knee there was no question where I would do my rehab. I was pleasantly surprised when I was greeted by name, even after four years. After this course of work I feel confident that my knee will hold up.I suffered a complete ACL tear during a soccer match and post-surgery was looking for a local PT. Because I was unable to drive the fact that THR offered a shuttle service was perfect. When I started PT at THR, Gregg and Jason were incredibly patient, supportive and challenging. They tested me with new exercises and routines to help me get my range of motion and strength back. There were so many things I couldn’t do before rehab at THR, so my experience has been phenomenal. This place helped me build that critical foundation so I can get back to sports. Major kudos for the wonderful experience and outstanding service.

Brian B. (September 2018)

Barbara P.

Prior to PT I was in pretty bad shape-pain in my right back, hips and gluts. I could only walk half a block before I felt sharp pain in my right hip and leg. After going to 3 doctors as well as 6 weeks of PT without change, Dr. Dellose recommended that I go to THR. In the short period of 1 month, I was able to walk 2 miles a day with no pain. I attribute the fast recovery to the protocol recommended by Gregg. Education, first understanding your injury-then heat, walking on the treadmill, exercises to strengthen my hip, and then stretching. The secret was following the protocol and doing the correct exercises, correctly. In addition, the staff was intelligent, approachable and dedicated. Happy I made the decision to go to THR. It made a big difference in my life at this time.

Barbara P. (September 2018)

Sandra R.

THR is my life saver. Last September I had a total knee replacement. They got me my full ability to regain strength in that knee. Now just finished rehab for right foot tendonitis and I am happy to say once again the THR team was there for me. There is no other place I would go to have any rehabilitation services that I may need. Thank you to everyone.

Sandra R. (September 2018)

Marna A.

I have low back pain due to aging and arthritis in the lower vertebrae. Two times in the last year it has reached the point where I was so stiff, I could not stand up straight.

My doctor recommended Total Health for my PT ...both times. I could not believe it but after two (2) sessions with Gregg I was cured of the pain and stiffness and back to normal. I can highly recommend Total Health & Rehabilitation. It has changed my life for the better!

Marna A. (August 2018)

Nessa L.

Before I began PT, I could not go up and down steps without pain in my knee. It was also painful to walk. After completing PT at THR I am now pain free. The quality of service was excellent, I felt very comfortable here. The staff is very friendly and attentive. Overall great experience. Thanks.

Nessa L. (August 2018)

Elizabeth V.

Four years ago I had a left knee replacement and came here for rehab. The therapists were so attentive and helpful that when I needed therapy this year after an incident with my replaced knee there was no question where I would do my rehab. I was pleasantly surprised when I was greeted by name, even after four years. After this course of work I feel confident that my knee will hold up.

Elizabeth V. (August 2018)

Barbara D.

I started 5 days after I had my hip replaced and was on a walker. I advanced to my cane after a few visits. The care and encouragement was outstanding. I found it to be a very relaxed atmosphere and was able to improve my condition week to week.

Barbara D. (August 2018)

Clara S.

When I began PT I had fallen and had severe pain in both knees. I had a difficult time getting up out of a chair and was unable to kneel down on my knees. After many visits I am doing much better. The exercises were geared to my problem and helped to strengthen my problem areas. The staff here is wonderful-patient, caring, and funny. I will miss the nice people here. It has been a good experience!

Clara S. (August 2018)

William W.

Upon arriving my back pain was on average 9 out of 10 and after 3 sessions the pain had resided to the point I was close to normal and only increased slightly until the next visit. Now I have been back to normal for a few weeks. The boys and staff were helpful and knowledgeable. A nice place to come.

William W. (August 2018)

Mary D.

I had difficulty moving my left shoulder, due to arthritis. I also had a problem reaching the backside of my body during my shower. Now I can do everything without any pain. Thank you to ALL of the THR staff. I would definitely recommend your company to any person needing physical therapy.

Mary D. (June 2018)

William G.

When I first came to THR I had injured my neck. The pain was constant and radiated down my arm. I couldn’t clean my home, mow my lawn or even sleep without incredible pain. Gregg and Jason created a treatment plan I have never seen before. I’ve been in PT before. Their technique is more effective than any other cervical treatment I have ever experienced. I am totally pain free and back to living my life.

William G. (July 2018)

Melissa O.

The amount of time spent working directly with staff here is so much better than previous experiences I’ve had in PT. In the past I have been giving exercises with little supervision, saw no benefits, yet no changes to those routines. Mike and Sharon checked in constantly and adjusted to target specific problems. I was concerned about my mid-back pain, but they were able to identify a more specific problem area and change the focus to my shoulder. I learned where the pain stems from and how to manage it while I was treated here.

Melissa O. (June 2018)

“I am enjoying this so much. I haven’t had this much TLC in a long time. I am surprised at my rapid recovery and feel so much better. Thank you and God Bless.”

Gerri, Wilmington, DE

“Your physical therapist and PT assistant combine warmth and professionalism which made my experience a positive one. I like that this practice is a smaller one which allows for continuity of care. The physical plant was clean. I would definitely refer others to your practice.”

Michele, Newark, DE

“The friendly way that everyone makes you feel like family. Also, the attention like you are the only patient. Outstanding!”

John, Claymont, DE

“Everyone is so pleasant and helpful. A very clean place. Jay and Matt are very sincere and treat your problem. You are not being rushed. Bill is a wonderful chauffeur and Marcia is a pleasant greeter. I’d recommend this place to everyone.”

Stephanie, Wilmington, DE

“I was in a very serious car accident in which my car was totaled. My doctor referred me to THR for physical therapy. This was a new experience for me and when I arrived for my first appointment I was stiff, in much pain and clueless as to what to except next. The folks are THR educated me about the therapeutic processes and made me feel right at home. They even hooked me up with an attorney. Today, I’m completely pain-free and have been restored to my normal quality of life.”

Mike, Wilmington, DE