Auto Accidents

Essence of this program:

For those injured in motor vehicle accidents or at work


Traumatic injuries from motor vehicle accidents or work accidents can result in a variety of orthopedic and neurologic problems. Our goal is to get you back to work and/or a pain free life!

Who is best suited for program?

Anyone who has been injured at work or involved in a motor vehicle accident and is dealing with pain.

What are the benefits and when are they realized?

Benefits include pain relief, improved mobility and quality of life as well as a quicker return to work. Short term pain relief is often achieved in one session. Due to the traumatic nature of most motor vehicle accidents and work related injuries, full recovery can take several weeks or months depending on the severity of the injury.

Be wary of…

Facilities that focus only on passive modalities such as heat treatments and electric stimulation. While these treatments can provide short term pain relief, they have no significant long term benefits and will not help you recover from your injury.

Why should the reader act now and NOT put this off?

Putting off treatment can have numerous consequences. The longer you “just deal with it” the longer it will take you to fully recover. Your body will naturally compensate for pain which can result in problems in neighboring joints and body parts. Prolonged immobility due to pain can also have negative effects on overall health, and may lead to cardiovascular issues and depression among other problems.

3 Reasons why you should call NOW!

  1. Your first step to improved quality of life and less pain
  2. The longer you “just deal with it” the longer it will take to fix
  3. We offer the quality, professional care you deserve